restart touchAble properly

Sometimes you close touchAble, and when you want to restart it, it just comes up with your old set but doesn't connect to Ableton Live.

What is going on here?
Well, from iOS 4.0 on simply clicking the "Home"-button once doesn't quit touchAble (or any other app) but only suspends it, the program will reside in the dock and will try to resume its functioning the moment you click on touchAble's icon again. But sometimes, e.g. when your IP has changed or Live or touchAble server was closed, touchAble can't reconnect and you get lost in space.

So please beware:
To really quit touchAble or any other app with iOS 4.x you have to complete the following routine:

  1. Click the "Home"-button once to suspend touchAble.
  2. Click the "Home"-button twice to bring up the dock.
  3. Press and hold the "touchAble"-icon in the dock until it starts to wiggle.
  4. Press the red "Minus"-sign on the touchAble-icon to delete it from the dock.

Now you have quit touchAble completely.
The next time you hit the touchAble button, touchAble will start up again and you will have the chance to enter a new ip-address to connect to.

Everything should be OK from here on...