Windows using ASIO4ALL

If your pc system is using asio4all as general Audio driver, you might have problem getting sound coming out after touchAble installation.
If you check Asio4all preferences you should see this message while the touchable server is running: " Status Unavailable. In use by another application? or MS
GGS Wavetable Synth enabled? "

Follow this video in order to get everything working :

Fix mentioned by an user :

Once both ipad & pc are under the same ad hoc network
1.- Run Touchable Server software
2.- Load Ableton Live
3.- Close Touchable Server
4.- Open Asio4all driver settings & reboot it to default (if not turn on &
off every little square until they all are working right and the "X"
5.- Once Asio4all has no "X" play any sound inside Ableton, now it should
6.- Run Touchable Server
7.- Open Touchable app